Saturday, May 31, 2008

Khristie Needs to Blog

After 2 years of wishing my siblings would blog I have one more sister to jump on the bandwagon... Khristie! She just emailed me these pictures and I love them. Cute hair! I agree that it may not work well for leaning over people's mouths all day, she's a dental assistant, but who cares when it looks awesome. (A W E... S O M E, Awesome! It's awesome! Hey, hey, it's awesome!)

Here is Khristie's living room newly arranged with a $5 yard sale find... her new rug! If I saw it for $5, I'd get it too.

So sassy! Love the A-line. I like to think I came up with it... do any of you remember back in jr. high when I got an A-line cut? Did Posh not copy me years later? Come on...

Alright... that's all you've got to do sister! Throw up some pics, add narative and call it a blog!

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Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

Let the record show that I had an angled cut back in 1990! It's been around forever because I used to have teachers that would say, "I used to have hair just like that." That's probably why I changed it HAHA

Khristie - you DO need a blog and your hair looks super cute. If you've got enough time to shop yard sales, you've got 5 minutes to blog. C'MON!