Thursday, April 30, 2009

People really....real-LY!!!


So my sister Rebecca has my password and hacked into my blog. Stop congratulating, but apparently it was somewhat believable so thanks? She has been laughing HYSTERICALLY since the first comment. And so have I.

My step-sister Lesa called me yesterday morning with, "YOU didn't tell me you were going to be in a pageant!" To which I responded, "Ummm are you sure you were on the right blog?"

The next reasonable thing was to get online... In less than a second I said, "come on that's totally Rebecca!"

For a little entertainment check out her blog. Click on her name up there

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here She Comes

Okay, I've tried my best to keep it a secret. I feel like I'm just going to burst if I don't let people know. And if I'm going to tell somebody, I might as tell everybody, right? Especially since a lot of you will probably find out on your own. So here goes......

Guess where I'll be June 19-20?

That's right. At the Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach & Marina Hotel competing in this.

(Did you guess already Julia? Remember the tape at your wedding? It must have been a foreshadowing. Too bad now I've got a post-nursing bosom to deal with!)

I've always wanted to be in a pageant. No, I'm not America's Next Top Model, but I'm no dog either! And if I can wear a swimsuit to work all those years at Jan Thomas, you know I can do it on a stage in front of a camera...

{biting fingernails}

I even had a dream last night, and guess what???

Wouldn't that be crazy if I actually won?

Kennedy's been helping me with my princess wave, and I've been so blessed to have Kaitlyn here to babysit while I'm searching for the perfect dress tick tock tick tock. Have you ever tried to find a stilleto in a size 11? No small feat (get it- "feet"? Don't worry, stand up won't be my talent!)

Justin is behind me 110%, but as we get closer to this whole thing, I'm trying not to freak out. Besides the 200 squats I'm doing everyday thank you physical therapy, what else should I be doing to prepare? Help me ladies - any advice???

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pandemic? What's that?

My friend came over last night to share with me some preparedness tips in the event that we have a real flu pandemic. Now because I'm an idiot... I had to look up what a pandemic IS. Please tell me there's at least one other person out there that didn't know what it was.

An influenza pandemic is a global outbreak of disease that occurs when a new flu virus, to which people have little or no immunity, appears in the human population. It causes serious illness that spreads easily from person to person worldwide.

Pandemics are different from seasonal outbreaks of the flu. Seasonal outbreaks are cause by subtypes of influenza viruses that are already in existence among people, whereas pandemic outbreaks are cuase by new subtypes that have never circulated among people or that have not circulated among people in a long time.

(If you can't read the funny part to me was the last 2 lines says "spitting spreads Spanish Influenza DON'T SPIT")

I had heard about the Spanish Influenza (thanks Twilight), but didn't know the severity of it. There have been 3 recent pandemics 1918-1919, 1957-1958 and 1968-1969. Here are some stats of the deaths and although we're getting better at preventing them, we are not out of harms way.

Things we should have on hand (preferably BEFORE the shelves are empty at the store):

Food and water for at least 1 month (1-2 gallons per person per day)
1 month supply of Tylenol, Advil and cough medicine per person
1 month supply Gatorade (or Pedialyte) per person
Toilet paper and tissues
Large garbage bags to store contaminated trash
Latex gloves
Surgical face masks
Bleach and Lysol and LOTS of it!

This is a very small list of things needed. There is obviously SO much more needed and for each family it would be totally different. If such a flu pandemic occurred it would overwhelm medical centers and cause delays in both emergency and routine medical care. There would be a shortage of beds, ventilators, drugs, masks, gloves and other supplies for survival. Unlike a hurricane or bombing, the crisis would drag on from 12-18 MONTHS!!! (what was that the prophets have been saying about a year's supply of food and water...hmmm)

So consider yourself re-warned and go get some drugs and Gatorade to be at least a little bit prepared.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

How do you pronounce Curacao?

Justin and I are planning a trip for September. Plan A is flying to Florida and visiting my cousins there, then renting a car and driving down to the Keys BUT... isn't September right smack in the middle of hurricane season? Is that really a smart time to go snorkeling in hurricane lane? Hmmm.

Plan B costs WAY more money (ok like a few hundred on airfare) but we could go to Curacao which they say is so much farther south it's not so hurricane-ish. It's just a hair above Venezuela. I have no idea how to pronounce it, but looky here.

How beautiful is that?! It almost looks like Victorville! Yet there are a bunch of boats, airplanes and cars to snorkel through. That's the main reason for the trip, snorkeling.

Here's the inspiration for the trip, Justin and I in Belize 6 years ago. I was 4 months preggo with Kennedy. The trip was fantastic and the snorkeling A-MAZING!! It's time to go to the Caribbean again.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Grayson Poll-sor, or Wis-ock?

Maybe that's why we changed names the week before Grayson was born, so he could blend in with the Wisor boys- Brenden, Jordan, Camden, Hayden.

Now picture Grayson's bangs spiked up, but look at those big blue eyes. I think they have the same ears too. Lately when I look at Grayson what my imagination sees is my nephew!
Speaking of being a boy, guess who climbed a LADDER yesterday! STILL can't walk, but he can get 5 feet up a ladder?! What's with that?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The snail with 3 names

Now that we have grass in the front yard it's so nice to be outside in the late afternoons. The sun falls just so we can sit in the shade or sun, but mostly the shade. Our activity was playing with Wesley Weed Snail. Kennedy found him on the way in to church and it was just her luck that Wesley was STILL there on our way out. Of course that was totally a sign from God that he "needed" to come home with us! So he did.

Isn't Wesley just the cutest little guy you ever saw?

I think he needs a little smooch.

Grayson could care less about snails. He was (after this photo) dipping his piece of licorice into the gutter water and slurping it off. He's gross what can we say.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Remember the sit 'n spin?

Look how sweet! This looks like Kennedy and MacKenzie to me. The part right before MacKenzie starts screaming for dear life because she wants to play with it "all by myself". However it's me and Rebecca my older sister. Aren't we cute? Man things change.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

slide show time

We went camping at San Simeon. Tourist highlights at the beach are finding moon stones and seeing the elephant seals. I wish I were a seal. Fat, lazy, layin' on the beach all day... I could do that! I don't think I'd like shedding my skin though. I didn't know seals shed I thought that was just snakes and lizards.

Funny thing: Kennedy was "looking for moon stones" with Bruce, but didn't quite get the concept. So she grabs the stones by the handful and starts putting them in her bathing suit. Her cousin was there and thought, "hum... what a great idea, I better help her". Pics are in the slide show:)

Other updates... Grayson will be 18 months in a few weeks and STILL not walking. So any picture with him standing is just that. He'll stand anywhere but won't take a step. Must be a Phillips gene. His cousin Sara-Jane was about 3 before walking. Lazy kids!

Family that went with us to the beach were Katelyn, Jared & Kami & kids, Bruce & Kathy.


Looky where we went... The Splash Cafe! Man I haven't been to Pismo in for-ev-er and it just so happened Katelyn and I went through on her birthday. So we stopped (no kids) and had a little girls-birthday-lunchoen.

We were on our way home from camping at the beach and.... yeah we were all smelly and yucky, but oh well. Good times. Good food.

Friday, April 10, 2009

a little more paint

Ok that wall on the left that you can barely see what to put there. Hooks or towel racks? I like how the black came out on the cabinets although in the process where I was just slappin' it up there to finish it it looked like it'd come out all clumpy and I was getting nervous. When I finished... no clumps! Awesome.
Now to Lowes for some hardware and a shelf for the shower.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


We had another pool guy come over today we had someone come when we first moved in also. Here's our cheapest favorite minus the spa but TOTALLY with that slide/waterfall combo. Love it! But not for $30,000. We're gonna have to start saving A LOT for one of these things.

I think reality looks a little more like this. No slide no waterfall, but peace of mind when I look at my bank account.