Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dinning chair covers

I just found some chair slipcovers and they look like a table cloth threw up on my chairs. I'll be taking them back. What's the cheapest best slipcovers?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

whatcha got in dat there purse a yours?

I'm walkin' along Costco (yes I'm feeling much better, I had Katelyn mop the floor this morning and I went to Costco this afternoon. Fantastic day.) Anyway I'm goin' down the isle for the sour cream when I realize, dang. I just passed it. So instead of turning the very large shopping cart (with Kennedy in it) around I just leave it there next to the gogurts and get the sour cream. Got the cream. Good. Look up and this couple about my age are staring into my shopping cart NOT at the Halloween treats that are bright orange, but at my purse!!! What the? This is Costco! You can't be tryin' to steal from me in Costco. Physco! They see me and keep walking as if nothing happened. To myself (who's had the swine flu and strep throat this week) I think how odd people have become in just a few days.

Outside I go to put the groceries in the car. Turn the car on to heat them diesel coil thing-ers up, put my purse in my seat, shut the door and open the back to load in all my stuff. As I shut the back of my car I turn to find this old guy staring in my window at MY PURSE! Dude! I'm right here! He quickly, yet slowly walks away. What are you looking for? Do I even look like I have any money?! You wanna know what's in my purse? I'll tell you. A credit card I don't use ATM that has recently been frauded and a hospital bill from when I took Grayson to the ER. You want the bill? Oh wait my water bill is in there too, you can take my bills. But really. What is with people today?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The big wedding. Wedding number five. That's right my parents are done gettin' them kids out the door and into their own homes. My little brother Benjamin is officially a man or at least a grown boy paying his own rent and food bill. He got married in the Fresno temple which translated means, my sisters and I had a long overdue reunion. 5 years since we were all in the same state together.

Me, Khristie, Mom, Ben, Jessica, Rebecca, Julia

We carried our excitement right into the temple with us. Unfortunately for everyone else reverence and "Phillips girls" don't mix.

Here's a redo of an old pose.

I haven't had such a good time laughing in a LONG time! I almost peed my pants many times this past weekend and it felt good (not the pee, the laughing). I think Rebecca put it right when she said there's reason we all have moved to different states click here. Thanks fam for the fun weekend.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Box Car

There's a primary activity tomorrow. It's a "drive-in" movie and everyone has to make a car to watch the movie. MacKenzie's not really in primary, but do you think they'd notice if we left her?

These are my favorite part, the license plates.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

We've got a ho down

Well maybe not exactly, but that big pile of dirt is gettin' outta here! This is Brother Fekete, he's in our ward, and owns this sweet litte tractor. And for some reason he wasn't scared about leaving it in the hands of my husband.

After riding on the (whatever that thing is) Justin got a tractor driving lesson and didn't get off until 8pm. He was on cloud nine driving the tractor around. And this morning... my NOT morning husband jumped out of bed, put his shoes on and got to work again.

If only you needed a tractor to:
Lift up the toilet seat
Make the bed
and do the laundry

Monday, October 05, 2009

Curtains before and after


After my trip to Ikea and Ross.
Not to mention phone call of panic to my sister Rebecca when I realized I loved 4 completely different curtains. Which should I pick. I loved these better in the store, but I don't know. It's a lot of dark, but I still kind of like them now that they're up on the wall.

MacKenzie's new favorite song

Kennedy knows who Hannah Montana is, but MacKenzie's all about her brother Trace.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

my NOT rug

This is the pic of a rug for sale on craigslist. 5'x7' for $50. Okay it's not $5 Khristie (click here and here), but it's brand new so it was a pretty good price. I went to check it out today... I didn't love it. I've noticed in my rug shopping that there are patterns that are "out of focus" and "in focus". The fuzzy ones are lame. I don't like them. The crisp ones are SO much prettier and way more expensive. This one was out of focus. Dang.

The up side? The lady I didn't buy the rug from lives down the street from Home Goods! So I went to see what I could find. No clocks I needed. No pics for the walls. Almost bought that cute little Santa. But look at my little turkey salt and pepper shakers! Finally got a 4 cup measuring cup. The 2 cup business is driving me nuts. And Khrisite... you need this sister. Your frying pan is all scratched up and I'm pretty sure that teflon is part of your diet. And look, it's avocado greenish!

Thursday, October 01, 2009


The YW President before me was WAY more organized. She always had cute handouts, brought treats on Sundays, never forgot birthdays, knew who was getting ready to come into YW... blah, blah you get the point. Then there's me.
I STINK at being the President of anything! I have yet to make a handout, brought treats once and forgot we were getting a new YW until primary came to get us to get her.

Then there's my 1st counselor, she can do things like:
Throw together a luau
feed 10,000 people who show up
decorate everything
teach the girls to dance
have a cousin who can teach the RS to dance
get other YW to participate to get their personal progress done too

So who's really in charge here? Umm I helped vacuum. Does that count? Either way we had SO much fun at our luau. It was on a school night (mutual night) and the YW danced the night away. They were all fantastic and so entertaining. I think this might turn into an annual ward activity.