Friday, February 16, 2007

Tumbling & Rolling

Here's what happens when you leave the laundry room for 1 minute! :) And if you look closely you will see Frosty the Snowman in there with her... it's not Christmas, but every time I try to hide him she gets him back. Frosty can be found sitting next to her on the couch and is a fabulous dancing partner!

Kennedy is still learning how to pedal, but she loves her birthday bike and wants to wear her helmet while she rides just like Daddy!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Anziano Phillips

I remember these days on the mish :) Lots of work, some sleep and still... no one to teach! I think the Lord sends out the young because the older would've gone home after the first few weeks :)!! Here's Benjamin my brother on his mission in Italy. He is currently in Torino, but is getting transferred to Milano. Good luck Anziano Phillips!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Birthday for Daddy

He's 26! And we were a day late blowing out candles, but we celebrated Justin's birthday and for his birthday surprise I took him diving and I got to swim! We love the water and it was so nice to get in and play around for a little without worrying about kids. Here's Justin blowing out some candles last night as we had dinner with mom and Manuel.

MacKenzie was all ready for the celebrations as she has decided to sit up all by herself now!!!Yay for MacKenzie!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Family Home Evening

We had Family Home Evening this Monday and it was by far the cutest one ever. We had a short lesson which consisted of looking at pictures of Jesus, the prophet and temples. She knew all the pictures and so I had her repeat after me:

Jesus came to earth.
He died for us,
so we could return,
to live with Him,
and Heavenly Father.

The prophet
helps us learn
about Jesus.

In the temple,
we can learn
about Jesus
and be sealed
as a family

She repeated everything like a champ and then Justin & I decided it was time to see if she would say a prayer all by herself. She was a little confused at first because she is used to us praying, but once she realized she could pray she repeated the words after me again and did such a good job!!! Our little girl is growing up and we are so happy! That's probably the first prayer that has ended in big hi-5's from everyone including MacKenzie!