Thursday, July 23, 2009

Girls Day Out

MacKenzie's friend Brooke had a movie party @ her house yesterday. She invited both Kennedy and MacKenzie to come over for 4 hours! Sweet! It was a win, win, win. Here's the girls before leaving the house.

And here's MacKenzie still with the sunglasses. She looks awesome, why take 'em off? Thanks Brooke for making their day SO much fun!

Another New Bird @ the Pollock Zoo

We got rid of Ping, see ya later! I won't miss your poop all over the place.

We replaced the bright green Indian Ring Neck with a purpley-blue parakeet named Sally. I'm thinking Sally came because of the trip to Sally's beauty supply after getting the bird. Hmm. But here's the new trick. It took about 5 minutes (if that) for him/her to figure it out without biting.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Power Bill

So we signed up for the summer discount plan with Southern California Edison. That means they can turn your AC off in the event of an energy crisis while reducing your bill for participating @ the same time. We have a swamp cooler we run all the time so do I care if my AC gets turned off... no.

I got my power bill for this past month and it's $10.07!! That's right just a hair over ten dollars! I can't believe it and hope it's not some kind of freak-we-actually-read-your-meter-wrong-and-now-we're-gonna-charge-your-$2,000-next-month accident. But for now, I'm okay with my bill. Oh that all bills were so small.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

kids room decor?

I painted the kids bedroom (okay only a few walls so far) blue and bought this mural to stick on there. It's gender neutral right? I couldn't believe some of the sale prices at this web page. I've look at some before and the ones I liked were at least $200. For stickers! Are you kidding me!? My friend Kristin sent me this site and I really liked, but will let you know if it's worth it in a few days when I get it and put it up on the wall.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Proposal

Did anyone else see this movie? It was SOOO good! Okay so I saw it a few weeks ago, but I'm gonna go to the movies again today and thought I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

If you like The Office... Oscar's in there too and he's hysterical!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mom, can you get me out?!

Hey man, you climb in and can't get out... not my problem. After a good 20-30 minutes of yelling for me to come get her out she was in there after being told NOT to because Grayson was "taking a nap" it oddly became quiet. All I heard was Kennedy breathing down my neck. "Hmmm," I thought to myself and Kennedy out loud. "I wonder what happened in there?"

Doth mine eyes deceive me?! They BOTH fell asleep! How about that.

"I'm Sammy"

Remember when we used to record our voices on tape and then want to listen to it right away? I thought that was so fun. The girls say the craziest things when they watch themselves being video taped (or is it digitalized not-taped?) on the computer.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Camp Trees

We live in Southern California and therefore we go to girls camp right smack in the middle of fire central. It's located up near Lake Arrowhead at a church owned facility called "Camp Hinckley". 2 years ago this is what Camp Hinckley looked like after the fires.

Thousands of dollars went into restoring some of the cabins that were completely demolished, but the effects of the burnt down trees are still everywhere.

Each afternoon of camp we go to the "sacred grove" to feel the Spirit while listening to the speaker. It was once a secluded space surround by trees, but now through there are more burnt limbs than anything else. This year one of the stake leaders decided to gather money to buy HUGE trees to plant (not those teeny little things that take 50 years to mature) and have the 3rd & 4th year girls plant them as their "help the environment" certification.

They had so much fun digging their holes while listening to a little inspirational music (we had a sound guy with his little itunes thing FULL of 8,000 songs... I planted myself down at the computer while playin some digging tunes for the girls. Who ever said Kelly Clarkson wasn't inspiring?)

I should've taken an after pic, but if you look hard you can see a little tree behind the maroon long sleeves girl. Little tree... it's way taller than she is! I think we planted 12 or 14 of those all around the grove. And you know I didn't think much of it until the last night when the camp host addressed the girls and stake to thank them. He was so touched that we would purchase the trees AND get all the permits required to plant them. Isn't that the coolest thing?!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Girls Camp

I'm goin' to girls camp!  It's exciting and scary.  Exciting for me, scary for my MIL who's watching the kids while I'm gone.  Good luck with that Kathy!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

At my funeral

I just got a call to play the organ at a funeral.  It prompted me to think of the Hymns I would want sung at my own funeral.  "Come Follow Me"  Ha!  If anyone cries at my own funeral I'll ask permission to come back as an angel and smack them.  Is that blasphemous?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What's on your potholder?

After 5 years of service this potholder has had it and to be honest I'm tired of looking at it.  Nicole Para mailed this to us in Bakersfield... we didn't vote for her.

Nor have we given her a bath.

Farewell Nicole.  Hello solid red!