Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hair bows!

Well we had a great Thanksgiving and without fail we have managed to visit Derby Acres without taking any pictures again! Justin and I even went for a bike riding tour of his home town... what an opportunity to snap a few shots. Better luck next time.
Anyway when we got home from Thanksgiving I decided to buckle down and finish a few bows I have been thinking about making for the past few weeks. Kendra (cousin) invited me to a bow making night, what like a month or two ago, and we learned how to make the biggest bows ever! They are so huge they are hilarious and cute! So I have some ribbon and now that I've started... yes, I need more ribbon to make bows that go with every outfit although that probably won't happen anytime soon. So for now we will just have to wear out the ones we made.

Here are MacKenzie and Justin with the first one. White and pink, so cute!

Yes bigger than her head and sooo cute on her! Just maybe not with the slobbery onsie and burb up blanket. What was that about the 80's coming back in? =)

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Diving @ COS

Justin went diving with Jordan at the jr. college here in Visalia. They both dove there 4 years ago. Justin was so excited to get back on the diving board so we all went to watch... but Kennedy didn't want to be left out, so here she is on her first one meter jump!

Don't worry, Uncle Jordan was there to catch her.

This is their "spa" because it is super cold when you're standing around wet waiting for the diver in front of you to go.

Here MacKenzie and Deedra (coach) are watching all the fun!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Look how big I am standing on Daddy's hand!

Morgan, one of Mommy's piano students, gave his old drum set to Kennedy. We don't know if Kennedy or Mommy is more excited about it.

Kennedy and her friend Austin. He comes over to play 3 times a week while his Mommy teaches a class. Then Kennedy goes to Austin's house while her Mommy recuperates. =)

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Our Flowers

Here MacKenzie is by our flowers we planted. Kennedy assisted in the planting process and is slowly learning we aren't supposed to step on the flowers after we plant them.

Our little pumkin with the pumkin (that is still not carved). :)

This morning was a monumental one. Kennedy didn't wake up until 9:00!!!! That's the longest she has slept in ever! She wanted to get right to playing with her sister.

Justin, Kennedy and I made cinnamon rolls... from scratch and it was so much fun. They tasted great thanks to my friend Cami's recipe. Justin made sure the frosting was sugary enough and it was!

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Beautiful Baby Elle

MacKenzie and I went to visit Crystal's little baby Elle. She is sooo beautiful!!! Looks like Aunt Darlene is now the happy Grandma Darlene. =)

Here MacKenzie can see some of the Halloween candy left over... yummy!

Kennedy got her nails painted and they are so pretty.

The case of the traveling pumpkin. Justin got this the day after Halloween to carve with Kennedy. It went to Dad and Pennie's house for the orchestra weekend as they watched Kennedy... then it came back to our house. This pumpkin may never be carved.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Playing some music

So exciting to get back into the music scene. Here is MacKenzie with most of the percussionists. (Joey, Derek and Kevin).

My mom, Manuel and Grandma Barbara came to the concert. Without their help and my dad and Pennie taking Kennedy for the night, I would've had a tough time leaving the house to perform. I am so grateful for my family!!!

Some one is always so quiet when they are up to no good. Whenever I hear Justin yell for me to come look at something... I know I should bring the camera along!

This is the face of someone that would've been helping out with that lotion if she could only start crawling... and then crawling up the stairs =).

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fun pictures

MacKenzie and her happy little smile. We love it when she is awake and ready to play.

Justin and I actually got out on a date with some of the couples in our ward. We went to a Mearle Haggard concert and it was soo fun. I didn't know him or any of his songs, but we had a great time =).

This is Kennedy as we know her in the morning. Messy face. She loves it when it's chocolate. I think this one was a little black bean surprise.

Somebody got into the lotion on mommy and daddy's bed.... when we came to find her she started crying as if something had happened to her and not that she had done anything. We're gonna have to watch out for her.

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