Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Day @ the Beach

We went on a trip to Ventura with the grandparents, foreign exchange students and Justin's academy buddy Starky. The kids got to play in the sand and find crabs while I lounged around and Justin kayaked and skim boarded. Beautiful weather!! Couldn't have asked for a better day at the beach. While traveling home we heard Utah received snow the same day.

Kennedy loves the beach. She was busy all day getting sandy and running around, but don't try to get her in the water! "It's too cold".

Justin and Starky went WAY out into the ocean and came back without tipping over once. They looked like pros... might be all that PT time in Sacramento.

Look at that little baby. She's soon going to be the middle child. Ohhh.. at least Justin and myself will be able to relate to her being middle children ourselves :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Back from Italy

My brother just came back from his mission in Italy 2 weeks ago and we went to Fresno to visit and... forgot the camera!! No pictures, but we had such a fun time visiting again. It's funny, he was gone serving for 2 years and when I first saw him at the airport it was like a twlight zone feeling. Then after dinner and visiting it was like the 2 years was nothing! He is still my brother. Same personality with different ambitions.

The girls love him. When Kennedy saw his name tag at the airport she said, "missionary!" So smart.

Justin likes all the ties he brought home. I want to say he had at least 50 ties shipped home and about 30 more in his suitcase. We thought about stealing just one, like Benjamin would notice, but couldn't bring ourselves to steal from a missionary going through culture shock. Maybe in a few months :)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Jump, JUMP!!!

She's not afraid of heights at all... maybe she'll be daddy's lil' diver. Yesterday Kennedy decided to climb up the diving board, but it was MacKenzie that crawled right out to the edge and started bouncing! Couldn't believe it but I could at the same time. She is so funny.

"Look at me mom! I can do it!" And was I worried... no. The water is a whole lot more fun than falling off onto the cement.

Monday, September 03, 2007


Okay I know Alyssa tagged me back in July and now that's it's September I am finally writing the 7 facts about be. I've been putting this off trying to think of something clever but that's just not happening. So here we go with the facts...

1. I get up between 6:30 and 7:00 am every morning even though I can't hear MacKenzie, and there she is... sitting in her crib just waiting for me to get her out of bed.

2. I take the girls swimming almost everyday more because it relaxes me than because they have a strong desire to be in the pool.

3. I currently live in the middle of nowhere and I kind of like it. It takes 10 minutes to get to Taft which has an Albertsons and Kmart. Other than that Bakersfield is a 45 minute drive away where we go almost once a week to go to Costco, Target and visit Kendra or my brother and sister in law.

4. Speaking of Target, I much prefer Target to Wal Mart. The thought of squeezing through the tiny isles of Wal Mart getting shoved by the other costumers gives me anxiety. Plus my favorite cheapest diapers are Target brand. So there you have it. I just wish Target had a craft section like Wal Mart.

5. I LOVE taking naps with the kids in the afternoon. If I can hold both of them off until 12:30 we can all nap for a good 2 hours!

6. After this baby is born Justin and I have decided to wait about 3 years to have more, or we'll be done.

7. We have not firmly concluded on the full name of this soon to be little boy. Christian ______ Pollock. I thought it would be fun to have the middle initial to be H. With Kennedy we weren't that funny, but MacKenzie's initials are MVP so the other night I thought, CHP. =)

There you have it and now I get to tag others.... how about Kendra, Erica and Tricia!


These two did such a good job last month traveling in the car. No dvds and yet they made it 5 hours to the moutains for camping. Then they made it 6 hours to St. George for the night and then another 5 hours to Eagle Mt., Utah (near Provo) where we stayed for a week at my sisters house. After our visit to Eagle Mt. we went to Logan before coming back home. What a drive!! And here they are just after all that. All I can say is fruit snacks and candy can solve anything!