Monday, September 03, 2007


Okay I know Alyssa tagged me back in July and now that's it's September I am finally writing the 7 facts about be. I've been putting this off trying to think of something clever but that's just not happening. So here we go with the facts...

1. I get up between 6:30 and 7:00 am every morning even though I can't hear MacKenzie, and there she is... sitting in her crib just waiting for me to get her out of bed.

2. I take the girls swimming almost everyday more because it relaxes me than because they have a strong desire to be in the pool.

3. I currently live in the middle of nowhere and I kind of like it. It takes 10 minutes to get to Taft which has an Albertsons and Kmart. Other than that Bakersfield is a 45 minute drive away where we go almost once a week to go to Costco, Target and visit Kendra or my brother and sister in law.

4. Speaking of Target, I much prefer Target to Wal Mart. The thought of squeezing through the tiny isles of Wal Mart getting shoved by the other costumers gives me anxiety. Plus my favorite cheapest diapers are Target brand. So there you have it. I just wish Target had a craft section like Wal Mart.

5. I LOVE taking naps with the kids in the afternoon. If I can hold both of them off until 12:30 we can all nap for a good 2 hours!

6. After this baby is born Justin and I have decided to wait about 3 years to have more, or we'll be done.

7. We have not firmly concluded on the full name of this soon to be little boy. Christian ______ Pollock. I thought it would be fun to have the middle initial to be H. With Kennedy we weren't that funny, but MacKenzie's initials are MVP so the other night I thought, CHP. =)

There you have it and now I get to tag others.... how about Kendra, Erica and Tricia!


Alyssa said...

yeahhh...i'm glad you finally put your seven things down. It's so great to see you as a mom...I did move to are free to do whatever you want about setting me up...I'm not at an age where I can be opposed to blind dates anymore.

Underwood's in Cali said...

h middle names huh? hugo, heffner,howard, hank, henry, hayden, hunter

That's all I got- I do like Christain hayden Pullock or hunter. good luck boys names are hard.