Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Day @ the Beach

We went on a trip to Ventura with the grandparents, foreign exchange students and Justin's academy buddy Starky. The kids got to play in the sand and find crabs while I lounged around and Justin kayaked and skim boarded. Beautiful weather!! Couldn't have asked for a better day at the beach. While traveling home we heard Utah received snow the same day.

Kennedy loves the beach. She was busy all day getting sandy and running around, but don't try to get her in the water! "It's too cold".

Justin and Starky went WAY out into the ocean and came back without tipping over once. They looked like pros... might be all that PT time in Sacramento.

Look at that little baby. She's soon going to be the middle child. Ohhh.. at least Justin and myself will be able to relate to her being middle children ourselves :)

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Millers! said...

Super cute belly, you SO dont look 8 months, I think I have doubled you! does that make me a loser? LOL!