Monday, October 08, 2007

Quick visit from Utah

My sister and her family came to California for the weekend and we met up with them as they passed through Bakersfield. We love seeing them even if it's only for a short time. Here are Sierra and Jordan.

And Camden. Justin loves that everytime he sees Camden he is informed of how old he is.

It was Roger's birthday and we even got him a present for the first time... ever. He especially liked the pink bag it came in :)

Here's Kennedy with her partner in action Hayden. She was so excited to see him, but didn't understand why we weren't going to his house after lunch.

Justin, Brenden and Hayden. AKA: our skin heads

It seems like I fix my hair, look in the mirror and then when I leave the house this is what I look like? Totally chubby and pregnant? Hmmm... Rebecca was totally fine with that :)

MacKenzie just wanted to drink everyones soda. You can't see it, but there were 4 sodas at her reach and she tested all of them for quality. They were good. I don't know why, but that reminds me of the time Kennedy was 4 months old or so and we went to Arizona with Roger. As I got in the car during one of our rest stops I found Roger feeding Kennedy french fries and a frosty I think. She loved it! First time moms don't think to do fun things like that.


Millers! said...

Hayden and Kennedy look like they could be little twinners, they have the same eyes.. that must be the Phillips side! super cute pictures, it was probably good to see your sister again! I mailed out your box of clothes today, and I did it really slow mail cause it was cheaper and so it will get to you by next week!

Momma J said...

i got my hair cut 2 weeks ago (first time in a long time) and my friend gave me a pic of the cut and style she thought would look good. efren's like, "that's totally a rebecca do!" looking at that pic of you guys, it totally is