Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Baby Shower

I forgot to have pictures taken, but our foreign exchange student Lucas was there and happened to take a few pictures, so here's one. Anyway we had a baby shower out here in Derby Acres and I was going to be happy if a hand full of people showed up, but there were almost 30 people there! It was a fantastic turn out and all the gifts were totally appreciated and welcomed! One of the reasons I wasn't sure if anyone would come had to do with the invitations. We didn't get them mailed out on time and then last Monday was Columbus Day, so no mail was going out then either... I ended up hand delivering a bunch of invitations in Taft and mailed late ones to Bakersfield. My Fresno family may be sad they didn't get invitations, but it was largely due to the fact it would've been a 5 hour round trip drive? I wouldn't do it unless it was siblings. So there you have it. My big wish for the day was to get clothes for this little boy in my tummy.... turns out he now has his own dresser FULL of clothes! Thanks to all my friends and family. Oh, I didn't even mention the food... SO GOOD! Pennie, step mom, is a party food queen and come up with the perfect luncheon menu. It was all gone by the end of the shower. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by people who care and are just as excited as we are that this little boy in coming into the world! Thanks everyone!


Summer Adams said...

Soooo fun for you guys!!! How exciting. I can't wait to see what little Joshua looks like :) Hope he's as cute as my Josh, hee hee. I'm sure he will be!

Millers! said...

What? you are naming him joshua? how I am so out of the loop.. hahahaa, I wish I could have gone to the baby shower, that would have been so fun! Glad you have everything you need!

Underwood's in Cali said...

I am excited you had people show up and it all worked out. Your getting close... I'm jealous. so I guess my date of the baby coming on 10/20 didn't happen.