Friday, October 19, 2007

Ahh, the spa...

Now that the pool is WAY too cold to get in, not to mention leafy from all the wind, we "need" to get the spa up and running. The girls and I feel very spoiled having the pool AND spa right at hand, but hey... we don't want either to feel unused :)

Here's Lucas and Kathy scrubbing out the inside making sure it's all clean. Lucas is from Germany and didn't quite understand when Kathy and Bruce told him it was time to go out and clean the spa. Kathy used other words like jacuzzi and hot tub and then he said, "whirlpool?" It's funny to hear the words he comes up with that help him understand English.

Kennedy was helping too which means she was walking around looking at everything. At one point she found some cleaning whipes and started cleaning the outside of the spa. Very cute.

We just tried to keep MacKenzie occupied so she wouldn't get into the cleaning supplies. She wants so badly to do exactly what everyone else is doing. The little car did hold her attention for a little while though.

"Hey Lucas, gimme some candy if you're gonna steal my toy!"

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Millers! said...

OH, Where is Lucas from in Germany? Kennedy is so beautiful with her hair down like that, it shows her blue eyes. and MacKenzie is getting so big... they are so cute!