Friday, January 25, 2008


Here's a slide show of just a few pictures from Disneyland. The rest of my pictures are on my in-laws camera and will be posted later. Grandma Kathy, Uncle Jacob, Aunt Laura and cousin Madelynn shared in our fun day at the park.

We had SOO much fun! The kids loved every minute of all there was to see and do. I had heard rumors that Disneyland is "the happiest place on earth" and then you go and hear kids screaming and crying... NOT true! Even Grayson was good, meaning he slept and ate and was very satisfied with doing just that. We got to see Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Eeyore, the princesses and the birds in the Tiki House.

Our trip revolved around the girls so we went on Dumbo, Small World, the Tom Sawyer boat, the big train, Safari and Pirates... okay Pirates was for the parents :) For those of you who haven't been in a while, Pirates has a few extra things added now that the movies are out, but it's still the same classic ride. Kennedy was scared, MacKenzie was holding onto Justin tight and I nursed the baby all the way through!

We got the 2fer pass and will be going back to California Adventures sometime in the next 30 days. Can't wait, but will wait for warmer weather. It only takes 90 minutes from our door to Disneyland, but yesterday the Cajon pass was closed and then opened due to snow! Way freezing! Hopefully there will be another spring like day in a few weeks :)

Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Late night

Tuesday night Kennedy got out of bed and was crying. I thought she was sad because I was doing laundry in the garage and she couldn't find me. So I put her back to bed. 10 minutes later she was out of bed again crying, but not the whining cry... a hurt cry. I picked her up held her in the living room just looking at her when I noticed her grab hold of her ear. She said, "ouchies in my ear."

GREAT! Not one of our children has ever had an ear infection...ever! AND Justin wouldn't be done with work for another 2 hours! I quickly acted upon the first thought that came to my mind and was soon talking to our neighbor down the street. She's a mom of 4 grown children and the closest geographical help I could think of. (Thanks to being a member of the church.) Anyway, I explained what was going on and Mary expressed her empathy for the situation and then told me exactly what to do... nothing. Nothing but a little Tylenol and a heating pad! I was surprised to hear that in addition to having children with ear infections, she worked in a pediatricians office for some time and they regularly sent people home with their children's aching ears. What a relief!

She also said there was one thing I could do, but that it might sound a little weird. Okay, I was all for it. She explained the process of heating up a teaspoon of oil to luke warm and then putting some in Kennedy's ear. Never seeing this done before, I wasted no time testing it out. I normally put alcohol in the kids ears after swimming, so oil was not a huge deal for me or Kennedy. Apparently the oil softens things up... I can't remember the rest of the specifics, but it totally worked! Kennedy finally fell asleep and in the morning let me know, "no more ouchies!"

Moral... yay for going to church and meeting new friends! Many experiences in my life have been made easier with the help of good friends and this was no exception. If I were not an active member of the Church I would not have met Mary and would have gone to an E.R. with 3 children, under the age of 3, by myself late at night. Now I know ear aches are no big deal and that even if Kennedy's ear drum had ruptured, we still wouldn't need to go to the doctor.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

...and forbid them not, to come unto me...

We now live in the Redlands temple district which is one of the most beautiful temples!! Last night we had family home evening about temples and told Kennedy we would go today. We told her inside the temple we get married, are baptized for our ancestors, recieve special blessings, but most important we learn more about the Savior. So this morning the first thing Kennedy said was, "Mommy, I want to get married in the temple today."

Here are Justin and the girls. We tag teamed our temple attendance as he waited for me for 30 minutes and then it was his turn. As we passed the torch of the children, we let them go inside to see a beautiful stained glass of the first vision and the waiting room. I felt lots of pressure to keep the kids extra quiet when the temple worker smiled and remarked, "you know what the Lord says of the children." He didn't have to say it because the words were already going through my mind... "suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven". How wonderful for children to have their own first hand experiences with the house of the Lord. I won't lie and say it was totally easy to get there and to have them with us... there was crying and screaming all the way home, but there were a few moments where we did feel the spirit. No other feeling in the world can recreate that!

Each of our children have made their first visit to the temple at around 2 months. Kennedy went to the L.A. temple at 2 months, MacKenzie went to the San Diego temple at 2 months and now Grayson has been to the Redlands temple at 2 months. Now that I say that... we travel a lot!

And here was MacKenzie's favorite part! The water! That girl would've gone swimming if we let her and if the water wasn't so cold.

Visiting Family

Uncle Jordan and Aunt Heidi came with ponies for the girls. They were so excited to get their own.

When Kendra and her family came I totally didn't think to take pictures until the last minute. Check out Kendra's blog for a few more pictures. I thought a car shot would be fine, but you can't see the boys in the back seat... oh well, at least we had fun together. I think my favorite part was playing "Apples to Apples". I had played it before, but not like the way we played with Kendra and Michael. WAY fun and hilarious! I definately recommend it.

Okay my next favorite part about Kendra visiting was going to the outlets! We both found some new shirts and called them birthday presents.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Our first family visitors were Danny and Sara and their kids. They came through on their way to Sea World and the girls LOVED playing with Macy and Spencer and Justin and I enjoyed visiting. On their way back home we met in Victorville and went to Chuckee Cheese. Way fun, but I think Kennedy has realized you are supposed to put coins in the machines and they work... I always tell her the little horses and merry go rounds are broken.

A few days later the rest of Justin's family came by, minus Jared, on their way home from Utah and then Kendra and her family came and spent the night for a few days. What a party! We are always open to friends and family coming over to our house... in the middle of no-where:) I'll post some more pictures later.