Sunday, January 06, 2008


Our first family visitors were Danny and Sara and their kids. They came through on their way to Sea World and the girls LOVED playing with Macy and Spencer and Justin and I enjoyed visiting. On their way back home we met in Victorville and went to Chuckee Cheese. Way fun, but I think Kennedy has realized you are supposed to put coins in the machines and they work... I always tell her the little horses and merry go rounds are broken.

A few days later the rest of Justin's family came by, minus Jared, on their way home from Utah and then Kendra and her family came and spent the night for a few days. What a party! We are always open to friends and family coming over to our house... in the middle of no-where:) I'll post some more pictures later.

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Millers! said...

OH Chuck E Cheese, we cant even go by a sign with out Isaac freaking out wanting to go, Chase has figured out the whole coin in slot thing... we have fun cause we can let the kids go run around and we know they wont get kidnapped! hahahaa.