Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pregnant or not?

I started bleeding a week ago (while in Canada of all the inconvenient places to start bleeding while pregnant, but if it's gonna happen, it'll happen to me). Not out of control bleeding and I got a wonderful blessing from my friend's brother in law. I'm fine, but I think there's no baby left in there. I don't know for sure. Why don't I know? Because I live in Victorville.

I called my doctor when I got home to let them know what's happening and their response was, "okay, go to the ER." And then there was my response of, "WHAT?! The ER?! No I just need a quick check up." To which they replied, "Oh no. If you're bleeding we can't help you, you have to go to the hospital." Really! So my OB is not as qualified as the emergency doctor?

Then I began doing the math. I have a $50 co-pay + 10% of the visit if I go to the hospital. That translates to about $450 to get a lab test.
Does that test include a free house cleaning and some yard work?
I can just see me sitting in the the ER next to a kid that can't breath and some guy with his arm falling off, but since I beat them there I'd get to see the doctor first. Don't mine me I just need to get some blood work and an ultra sound.

So I called my insurance to see if they could wave the 10% since it's not my fault I live in the twilight zone. They didn't go for it. I called my old OB in Bakersfield to see if they'd check me out and I got, "Oh sweetie, since you didn't start your pregnancy with us we can't help you." All roads began to point toward the ER after all.

But guess who has NOT done a darn thing... me. I did actually have a doctor appointment a few days ago, but was informed if I showed up bleeding they'd ship me out to the hospital. I was in the car on the way to the doctor and couldn't do it. I turned around to come home the whole time thinking, "You know what I could buy with that kind of money I would waste on the hospital?"

My new appointment is this coming Tuesday. I decided to stop bleeding and then go in for my "regular" check up and then be "surprised" when something adds up a little funny like no baby in the ultra sound. Until then here's me on "bed rest."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When I went across the Canadian border

I saw one of my companions get married to a Scottish guy. (Those are kilts he and his dad are wearing). They were hitched in the Cardston Alberta Temple. I don't think there was a dry eye in the sealing room, it was AMAZING!!! SO glad I got to be there for it!

And I found we are NOT the only family of sisters to watch "The Sound of Music" and then reenact it in wedding pics. Yes this is my friend Cammie and her 5 sisters! Each of them bossy as all get out... I LOVED it! For some strange reason I felt right at home. Hmmm...

Maybe because it brought back memories of this? Remember Ben's wedding? Could've been better Benjamin, you could've had another head pokin out from behind you!

I came home to another dog because we all know, I can't pass up a good deal on a dog... not. It's a boy named Chance and he's a Lab/Pointer mix. He's retarded and hasn't grown into his size, but Kennedy loves him.

Justin's trying to train him, but like I said- not the smartest dog out there. We'll see how it goes.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kennedy plays T-ball, kind of

This is Kennedy with her friend Zach. He influenced her to join T-ball this year and even though I think baseball is THE most BORING sport invented, I decided to let her try it out.

I almost captured the look of fear on her face as she attempted to catch the ball. (During warm ups and the game there was one kid who actually caught the ball.)

She was all embarrassed when they called her name.

She knocked the tee over every time.

And this reminds me of my little brother. During his soccer games he would dig holes in front of the goal. He explained later that, "the ball would fall into the hole" and therefore the other team would stop winning.

Kennedy asked later, "what happens if I dig a hole too deep? Will I find a scorpion?"

When it was all over all she could remember was a the free hotdog and digging for bugs. But she certainly looks cute with her pink glove and little baseball uniform;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

went to the OB today

He did an ultra sound and it said 6 weeks 4 days pregnant. I think that puts me due the beginning of December. If we work this out right Justin will have his first Christmas off in forever because of paternity leave! Sweet!

Meanwhile I'm growing a tadpole in there.

Friday, April 09, 2010

3rd cavity

One more to go and Kennedy should be cavity free. The entire office comments on how well she gets her teeth fixed for being 5 years old... it's the pony.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The blood test came back positive

As did the dollar store test, we're having a baby! The girls put their votes in for a sister. Justin and Grayson want a boy. I don't care... really that means I'd prefer another girl. Let's be honest, MacKenzie and Kennedy were BOTH potty trained at Grayson's current age AND they didn't climb on the counter to climb on top of the fridge to get that last piece of candy Daddy threw in the basket up there.
But a boy wouldn't be sent back.

Monday, April 05, 2010

MacKenzie's point of view

I let MacKenzie handle the camera during our trip to Fresno. There were about 75 shots of nothing and then a few with people. Here they are:

Not bad for a 3 year old.