Saturday, September 08, 2007

Jump, JUMP!!!

She's not afraid of heights at all... maybe she'll be daddy's lil' diver. Yesterday Kennedy decided to climb up the diving board, but it was MacKenzie that crawled right out to the edge and started bouncing! Couldn't believe it but I could at the same time. She is so funny.

"Look at me mom! I can do it!" And was I worried... no. The water is a whole lot more fun than falling off onto the cement.


Millers! said...

Too cute!I am sad we didnt make it over this summer, but oh well, we will get there one of these months, most likely next year I assume! you would be proud of me, I let Isaac jump off the stairs into the pool,and I didnt catch him, he did have a life jacket on, and I grabbed him as soon as he hit the water, but that is great progress on my part!

Summer Adams said...

Wow, what brave little ones you have!

Coronado Clan said...

ok, i swear i clicked on "select all" in my address book. don't know what the heck happened. but yes, all is well for the most part. if this stinkin contractions would stop for good and i didn't have to wake up 3 times a night to pee, life would be just fabulous!! :P 5w 3d to go. yippee!