Monday, September 24, 2007

Back from Italy

My brother just came back from his mission in Italy 2 weeks ago and we went to Fresno to visit and... forgot the camera!! No pictures, but we had such a fun time visiting again. It's funny, he was gone serving for 2 years and when I first saw him at the airport it was like a twlight zone feeling. Then after dinner and visiting it was like the 2 years was nothing! He is still my brother. Same personality with different ambitions.

The girls love him. When Kennedy saw his name tag at the airport she said, "missionary!" So smart.

Justin likes all the ties he brought home. I want to say he had at least 50 ties shipped home and about 30 more in his suitcase. We thought about stealing just one, like Benjamin would notice, but couldn't bring ourselves to steal from a missionary going through culture shock. Maybe in a few months :)

1 comment:

Ben said...

ya, good thing you didnt steal one. i woulda noticed! =)