Saturday, November 04, 2006

Playing some music

So exciting to get back into the music scene. Here is MacKenzie with most of the percussionists. (Joey, Derek and Kevin).

My mom, Manuel and Grandma Barbara came to the concert. Without their help and my dad and Pennie taking Kennedy for the night, I would've had a tough time leaving the house to perform. I am so grateful for my family!!!

Some one is always so quiet when they are up to no good. Whenever I hear Justin yell for me to come look at something... I know I should bring the camera along!

This is the face of someone that would've been helping out with that lotion if she could only start crawling... and then crawling up the stairs =).

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Anonymous said...

Love all the photos.... Finally getting to all the 40 emails since I was last on AOL.

Thanks for the address and the photos.... we enjoyed them... especially the bows@!!!