Thursday, July 02, 2009

At my funeral

I just got a call to play the organ at a funeral.  It prompted me to think of the Hymns I would want sung at my own funeral.  "Come Follow Me"  Ha!  If anyone cries at my own funeral I'll ask permission to come back as an angel and smack them.  Is that blasphemous?


Small Fry said...

Liz, mine is all planned out.. Is that real normal?

The Earl Family said...

Ha Ha Ha! I think it is so hilarous that you played and Katlin lead the music! I knew they were having trouble finding someone to play and I thought about volunteering you, but decided that if I did I would not be a cool friend. But then, you played anyway! I told Joel I think it would be funny to have someone play Amazing Grace on the bagpipes and he said to tell Laura because he's planning on going first! I said that was selfish; and he said men always die before women. I told him that was why I married a younger man, so I can go first!!!! Ha Ha Ha!