Friday, February 16, 2007

Tumbling & Rolling

Here's what happens when you leave the laundry room for 1 minute! :) And if you look closely you will see Frosty the Snowman in there with her... it's not Christmas, but every time I try to hide him she gets him back. Frosty can be found sitting next to her on the couch and is a fabulous dancing partner!

Kennedy is still learning how to pedal, but she loves her birthday bike and wants to wear her helmet while she rides just like Daddy!


Erica said...

That's so cute! I vaguely remember trying the exact same thing once during a game of hide and seek.. not so safe! Kennedy is such a cutie.

The Adams Family said...

oh my gosh, that's scary to me! i am so paranoid about kids in dryers :) but it is a pretty cute picture! i think i've seen too many scary movies.