Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Anziano Phillips

I remember these days on the mish :) Lots of work, some sleep and still... no one to teach! I think the Lord sends out the young because the older would've gone home after the first few weeks :)!! Here's Benjamin my brother on his mission in Italy. He is currently in Torino, but is getting transferred to Milano. Good luck Anziano Phillips!


The Adams Family said...

Holy Moly, the Sisters were just hangin' at my house for a while and looked just like your bro does ;-) They've had a bad day and I remember those days ALL too well. But I miss them, am I weird? I would love to be on the streets of Portugal right now totally getting rejected and laughed at. I miss those little people! (tear) Good luck to your bro. I LOVE Italy. Milan is awesome! ~Summer

Erica said...

That's an awesome picture. I had quite a few days like that too - only different in Brasil - instead of having no one to teach/baptize, it was people who didn't show up to their baptisms! "Um.. I changed my mind"..? What??