Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Family Home Evening

We had Family Home Evening this Monday and it was by far the cutest one ever. We had a short lesson which consisted of looking at pictures of Jesus, the prophet and temples. She knew all the pictures and so I had her repeat after me:

Jesus came to earth.
He died for us,
so we could return,
to live with Him,
and Heavenly Father.

The prophet
helps us learn
about Jesus.

In the temple,
we can learn
about Jesus
and be sealed
as a family

She repeated everything like a champ and then Justin & I decided it was time to see if she would say a prayer all by herself. She was a little confused at first because she is used to us praying, but once she realized she could pray she repeated the words after me again and did such a good job!!! Our little girl is growing up and we are so happy! That's probably the first prayer that has ended in big hi-5's from everyone including MacKenzie!


The Adams Family said...

You guys rock! Keep up the good parenting skills :)

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome, I cant wait until Isaac starts repeating after us... we are working on it, speech therapy is working awesome!!!
Yeah for 2 year olds,I love Hi 5s and little clapping after prayers! I know, not sooo reverant, but atleast he loves to fold his arms, and pray!