Saturday, October 03, 2009

my NOT rug

This is the pic of a rug for sale on craigslist. 5'x7' for $50. Okay it's not $5 Khristie (click here and here), but it's brand new so it was a pretty good price. I went to check it out today... I didn't love it. I've noticed in my rug shopping that there are patterns that are "out of focus" and "in focus". The fuzzy ones are lame. I don't like them. The crisp ones are SO much prettier and way more expensive. This one was out of focus. Dang.

The up side? The lady I didn't buy the rug from lives down the street from Home Goods! So I went to see what I could find. No clocks I needed. No pics for the walls. Almost bought that cute little Santa. But look at my little turkey salt and pepper shakers! Finally got a 4 cup measuring cup. The 2 cup business is driving me nuts. And Khrisite... you need this sister. Your frying pan is all scratched up and I'm pretty sure that teflon is part of your diet. And look, it's avocado greenish!

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kelly said...

very cute, love the green pan, it's very old school. My mom had all kinds of kitchen stuff in that exact green and mustard yellow.