Thursday, October 29, 2009

whatcha got in dat there purse a yours?

I'm walkin' along Costco (yes I'm feeling much better, I had Katelyn mop the floor this morning and I went to Costco this afternoon. Fantastic day.) Anyway I'm goin' down the isle for the sour cream when I realize, dang. I just passed it. So instead of turning the very large shopping cart (with Kennedy in it) around I just leave it there next to the gogurts and get the sour cream. Got the cream. Good. Look up and this couple about my age are staring into my shopping cart NOT at the Halloween treats that are bright orange, but at my purse!!! What the? This is Costco! You can't be tryin' to steal from me in Costco. Physco! They see me and keep walking as if nothing happened. To myself (who's had the swine flu and strep throat this week) I think how odd people have become in just a few days.

Outside I go to put the groceries in the car. Turn the car on to heat them diesel coil thing-ers up, put my purse in my seat, shut the door and open the back to load in all my stuff. As I shut the back of my car I turn to find this old guy staring in my window at MY PURSE! Dude! I'm right here! He quickly, yet slowly walks away. What are you looking for? Do I even look like I have any money?! You wanna know what's in my purse? I'll tell you. A credit card I don't use ATM that has recently been frauded and a hospital bill from when I took Grayson to the ER. You want the bill? Oh wait my water bill is in there too, you can take my bills. But really. What is with people today?


kelly said...

You must have a really great purse.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

In all fairness, your purse IS dang cute. And you know what they say about the dairy section.

Neither do I.

p.s I've had a sore throat since Monday. If it hasn't gotten any worse it's not strep, right?