Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The big wedding. Wedding number five. That's right my parents are done gettin' them kids out the door and into their own homes. My little brother Benjamin is officially a man or at least a grown boy paying his own rent and food bill. He got married in the Fresno temple which translated means, my sisters and I had a long overdue reunion. 5 years since we were all in the same state together.

Me, Khristie, Mom, Ben, Jessica, Rebecca, Julia

We carried our excitement right into the temple with us. Unfortunately for everyone else reverence and "Phillips girls" don't mix.

Here's a redo of an old pose.

I haven't had such a good time laughing in a LONG time! I almost peed my pants many times this past weekend and it felt good (not the pee, the laughing). I think Rebecca put it right when she said there's reason we all have moved to different states click here. Thanks fam for the fun weekend.


Millers! said...

FUN PICS! I love that your dad has one hand on Bens foot.. that is hilarious!

Curious Georges said...

I had so much fun being there for such a small part of your fun! So glad you all have married so well and are doing so good! I love that you're all crazy, spontaneous and hilarious...quite consistently. I love you cousins!

Small Fry said...

How fun.. I haven't talked to Ben in a looong time.. It looks like it was a lot of fun.

Brandon & Megan said...

I would love to be in your ward... you could always move to Wrightwood. It never gets too hot and we have all four seasons... whats not to love?!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I love that photo with his friends in the back!

And I, for one, was totally reverent in the temple. Anybody who says differently is a liar (or wasn't feeling the spirit like I was....or was that Khristie's foot..)