Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sister Norton

We just had the Norton family over for dinner tonight. And when I say we I mean myself and the kids. I can't put my life on hold just because my husband works dinner time hours. And if I am always waiting for him to have a day off... I'll spend most of my life waiting and miss out on lots of friends and good times! Let me tell you, GOOD TIMES!

I don't think she realizes it, but Sister Norton and I knew each other in the pre-existence. Before Justin and I moved out to the middle of no-where I prayed and asked the Lord to prepare myself and the people I was about to meet. I prayed for the ward I would move into and the people in it. Can I just say I have never felt more at home with these wonderful people I have met these past 6 months! Sister Norton feels like a long lost sister-mom. She stayed after dinner, as her husband and son left, and totally helped clean the kitchen, give the kids a bath, read stories and go to bed. AND then we got to visit more while the kids were in bed. Kennedy, MacKenzie and Grayson LOVE her! They love going to her house and watching her movies and playing with her toys... love her! Anyway thanks Sister Norton for such a fun night and for joining us for dinner!


Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

A friend who bathes your kids- that ones a keeper!

Millers! said...

how fun, I miss my "sister-Mom" I am hoping in the next year or so when I have money, I can fly to New Mexico meet up with my bestfriend and Sister Horton.. ohhh horton and Norton, that Rhymes... They are keepers!