Monday, May 12, 2008

Ready for church?

Welcome to getting ready with the Pollock's. We get everyone ready to go and then... MacKenzie decided on "surf hair" product. Hair spray just wasn't cutting it for her! As you can see she is dressed, her hair was fixed in a pony tail with a cute little bow and then puts hair paste ALL over her head. I was NOT fixing that again. So Justin put her in the shower, washed her hair (bow, pony tail and all) and put her clothes back on. So she went to church with wet, frizzy, ratted pony tail hair!


Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

C'mon Liz, you could've totally had fun with that one!

Bring her to church anyways, and when people stare, you look at her in mock surprise, "Oh my gosh, what happened to my sweet angel? I guess we better go home..."

Or just tell everyone that her dad got her ready...

SouthfieldFam said...

So mischevious! Love it!