Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dedication to Kelly

My friend Kelly and I LOVE American Idol! One day I was traveling with the fam "down the hill", about an hour away, when I realized we were not going to make it home in time to see American Idol. This is the one show I HAVE to see. Especially on voting night. So Justin called Kelly to make sure I could watch it with her on DVR. And there you have the beginning of a beautiful friendship. There is nothing more entertaining than this year's contestants on American Idol. We have since watched many shows together or on the phone agreeing that Michael Johns should've been in the top 4 along with Jason, David and DAVID! (Love David Cook)

I can't tell you how many times we have been totally in the middle of the show at her house, when MacKenzie:
Poops in her underwear
Dumps out dish soap (entire bottle) on the carpet
Poops on the floor
Dumps out finger nail polish on bed spreads

And other times at Kelly's, MacKenzie... colored marker ALL over school pictures! Seriously! My kids just can't help themselves when it comes to making a mess.

So this morning here's what happened when Justin and I thought we were enjoying laying around in bed while the kids were quietly "watching TV". At least it wasn't at your house Kelly :)

It's frosting. As you can see Grayson is very happy with the lid. I finally found the container in the girls bedroom, where else should it have been?


Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

I'm loving the handprints across the couch - I think I have one like that only it's PAINT. I think they just smear whatever they see their mom with the most, so for you it was FROSTING! HAHAHA You really should control yourself Liz.

We just heard on the radio today that Jason Castro will be having a parade/performance in his hometown of Rockwall tomorrow (one of the places we looked at houses). I'm trying to decide if I should drag the kids a go or not. C'mon -it's JASON! MY FAVORITE!!

Pollock Family said...

Ok Jason Castro for free! I'd go. I'd fly over to got because apparently tickets to the Idol tour are SOOO expensive!

Kelly james said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is priceless!! I will make sure the frosting is put up the next time she comes over!!! Thanks for the dedication!! It ALMOST makes it all worth it!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Phillips Family said...

I would not want to clean up that mess. What did Justin think? Michael would have freaked out.

kelly said...

Wow, sounds like Kelly is a great friend!

SouthfieldFam said...

I LOVE Grayson face! He looks like he is in frosting heaven! SO cute!

The Gage Cage said...

Oh man. My children wouldn't live to tell about those messes. That is he thing about young children. There is no resting or leaving them to to entertain themselves with out major consequences. The mess problem gets easier as they get older.