Tuesday, May 06, 2008


So today Justin called to tell me he got 40 miles to the gallon in his little car! NO... we do not own a hybrid. What's the trick you ask, it's driving 55 mph.

I attempted this with our "people mover" which normally gets about 18 MPG... I went 60 mph until I almost lost my mind. I felt I could walk faster and gave in to 75 mph. Come on, the freeway?! I can't handle simi's passing me! But now that I see it makes a HUGE difference to drive slower, I'm doin' it!

My advise to all those out there that drive... try going 55 mph and see how long your tank of gas will last. If you're not sure how to calculate... when you fill up reset the short distance odometer to zero. When you fill up again, do the math on the mileage you went and the gallons you just put in. It works when you fill it up ALL the way before and after.

Happy driving, and hey... if some one's honking their horn at you because you're going "too slow", smile and wave at the gas money NOT wasted:)

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