Sunday, May 04, 2008

Old Blue Eyes

My parents and Justin's parents have blue eyes... all of them. Thus our children's beautiful blue eyes:) And let me put in a plug for Jordan and Heidi (in-laws). When Kennedy visited them a month ago I gave them some money to buy her a "spring" church dress. I should have them do ALL my kids clothes shopping! They found these cute dresses (even thought you can't totally see them) for both the girls. Love them! Thanks Jordan and Heidi.

Grayson and Grandpa Manuel. So here's the REAL Fresno story. While at Grandpa Ben's birthday party.... my knee totally went out! Now this is a 15 year old ski accident injury come back to haunt me and I really could do with out it. So instead of staying one night in Fresno and returning home, I spent a week in Fresno. Justin had to ride the bus/train to pick me up because I still couldn't walk or drive (right knee)! My mom and Manuel were fantastic at taking care of the kids and letting me get some sleep. I can't tell you when the last time I had a 5 hour nap was! Thanks Mom and Manuel!!!

My kids LOVE the dirt. And mud... come on that's the best of both worlds, water + dirt! Kennedy and MacKenzie had a blast splashing and swimming in the mud hole, well now it's a hole, in Grandma and Grandpa's side yard! Here's Kennedy's bag of rocks... "they're swimming in the water in the bag".

We have a car with a VHS... yes you've heard it right a VHS player in it... doesn't work. If it did, we do have some old VHS, but we haven't looked in to getting it fixed. Instead our kids look at books, whine, eat lots of fruit snacks and occasionally sleep during our long car rides. Mapquest time it should take 4-5 hours to get home from Fresno. We left at 9:30AM, we got home around 5:00PM... you do the math.

MacKenzie just likes to be big looking at the pictures. They are both so cute when they read:)

Okay then we resorted to wearing the fruit snack box! It was a hat until it turned into a skirt. Kennedy was so mad it didn't fit right with the car seat buckles.

When we pass Mojave, with out fail someone needs something and they NEED it RIGHT NOW!!! MacKenzie needed to go potty. Not to worry we have our own potty chair on hand, I just think it's funny the way Justin and I think differently. With me I put the chair in the passenger seat and let the kids climb up, sit and do their business. This way I don't even have to get out of the car. Justin... gets out of the car, gets the kids out and hides behind some sage brush:) What a sweet daddy and husband! If you look close you can almost see someone sitting on the other side of the brush. Note: the girls were suddenly more interested in stepping on the ants than doing business... one stop no pee, that's annoying.


Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

See, that's why it will be so fun with Grayson when he gets older.
He would have been aiming at those ants, ya know what I'm sayin? Not only that, but with boys it's NO PAPER REQUIRED. Gotta love that.

Coronado's said...

you forgot to mention all the stops you made along the way. you can't ENTIRELY blame the drive taking so long on justin driving like a granny! :o

*about the 3-seater stroller... you know i'm not dumb enough to offer nate a push. heck, gabe's butt is getting heavy, both those boys can walk. actually they've been really big into riding bikes later... even better!

The Gage Cage said...

Love the stop no pee story. That's like when kids are just excited to try every public bathroom there is known to man, even if you had them go right before you leave. I'm sorry to hear about your knee. You babies are beautiful!