Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who's on bass?

What is this? Well I'll tell ya what it is, our new rock band! Can you believe it? Me neither. I used to be in a few rock bands back in the college days. So much fun and totally a long time ago.

After being in my new ward for some time I found out the gospel doctrine teacher (far left on guitar) makes AND plays guitar. The ward financial clerk plays drums and I play bass...hmm. So we've started a band and I HAD to take the camera you know for the blog. If it's not on the blog, it didn't happen.

Here's a little blast from the past. What was the name of this band? I can't remember, but we opened for that Desert Book store Mormon band that came through Fresno forever ago. Most fun concert ever played in hands down. And the only 15 minutes of fame I'll ever get:)


Underwood's in Cali said...

Oh you just took COOL to another level

Anonymous said...

Does FOGO sound familiar? I still have a couple of CD's... LOL. And you were playing at BHS. I know that I was somewhere along the line taking photos and "yelling with excitement"... perhaps screaming somewhere too. Yep... that was pretty cool. Glad to hear that you have started up again. You and Julia always played a pretty mean BASS!



Bob & Khristie said...

Now that your girls have the rock star pink & purple hair, I think they should be the lead singers!