Monday, February 02, 2009

Great Buys @ Costco

Tax season has forced me finally purchase some new ink for my printer. This year federal e-filling was free, but state was $20... I'd rather mail that return since California's too bankrupt to send any money. And yes I heard you can file CA online for free through the state's tax page, but when I tried doing that (not only did I throw things at the computer because it's WAY more complicated than Turbotax) but when I got to the part where we received early retirement money from Justin's past job the screen says, "if you've received a 1099 you can not file your state taxes for free through this site." Thanks a lot. 30 minutes of my life I will never get back! Thus I was back to Turbotax and mailing it out in the first place. Which took me to Costco where instead of just 2 ink cartridges... for the same price I got a new machine than prints/scans/copies/faxes AND 2 new ink cartridges for basically the same price. Awesome! Looky at my very first scanned pic! I've been wanting to scan this one for-ev-er. Doesn't Michael look like Daryl, Benjamin looks like Dad and Heather... you look like your mom/Grandma to me. What do you think?


Bob and Darlene said...

Hey, which one is your Dad?
I need to talk to your Mother in law --What's her ph # please

3girlsmom said...

okay are you saying i look like a middle aged woman with horn rimmed glasses, a funky do and 8 kids?

i think that michael totally!!!! looks like his dad and so do his kids!!!! they look just like him when he was a baby.

i think in this picture i favor more aunt pam. (don't tell my mom that. there are issues that we won't discuss on this public format!)

and btw where did you get this picture? i need a copy of it! i am going to steal it, but if it doesn't work i want an email copy of it! i have NO pics like that! whatever else you have i want it!!!!!!! the girls would love to see them. if you want any of mine let me know and i will see what i can find. i think my mom has most of those ones, but she is coming next week for savannah's baptism so i will ask her to bring them. i feel a heritage project coming on!

okay i am done with this halaciously LONG comment.

ps haven't forgotten the info you requested but my friend hasn't responded to the few emails i have sent her. i will see her next week too so i will have to ask her in person. okay this time i am really done.

3girlsmom said...

i stand corrected, it is not pam it's pat that is next to my mom that i think i favor in this picure. and weird as it seems i see some of gracie in there too. yes! finally someone in my immediate family that favors me a little bit! darn those dang dominant genes of mauricio's!

3girlsmom said...

can i please leave one more comment? i showed the girls and they were like what's up with the lady with the funky hair and jellybean dress? um..that is your grandmother! upon further review we decided that i do look more like my mom but i still say there is a bit of me in pat too.

kanabanana said...

I totally thought that was Michael in the photo? So how are you all related again?