Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Curl up and dye!

Kennedy got her first hair cut at the salon this morning. She was SO excited as was I! Our conversation about what she would have done to her hair went a little something like this:

K: Can I get it painted like yours?
M: What would you like to paint it?
K: Ummm... purple! And green and red. All different colors.

She must be a Phillips girl! Justin's response to "wild" hair colors was "over my dead body will our children dye their hair purple". So what do we do... get some colored hair clippies from Sally's. What do you think? (Can you see the dark purple strip to the right?)

And you can't get just one! MacKenzie likes pink so we got her a little surprise too. They both love their colors.


Older and Wisor said...

Girls after my own heart.

K&MSilva said...

LOVE them! I'm all about clip-in hair, and I think those colored ones look great :)

the Persistant Writer said...

Is Kennedy wearing eyeliner?
It totally looks like she is!

But she's cute, though!

Ha, I can picture her with crazy hair like that, and it's pretty hilarious. You should photoshop it--just to see how it turns out!!!

Rhonda said...

How funny! I once got a fake tatoo because Claude was so like "over my dead body"! Anyway until he realized it was fake it was pretty funny to see his reaction.

Older and Wisor said...

Saw this and thought Justin might appreciate it (Guatemala photos): http://mysweetsavannah.blogspot.com/

kelly said...

She is beautiful and the purple looks great in her hair.

Millers! said...

LOVE IT! Cute cute cute girls!! hopefully just another 5 weeks.. WOO HOO!

kanabanana said...

Too cute!

Lauren's blog said...

I love the colors in their hair, how fun!! I secretly have always wanted a few colored streaks in my hair :)