Thursday, February 05, 2009

The MRI Results!

I had my doctor check up today and we went over my MRI results. Any guesses as to the outcome? Well I'll just tell you now... I have NO ACL! What?! So my examination from him (where I literally feel as though I'll be sent home on crutches) shows all my ligaments firm and solid, but the MRI shows nothing... Absolutely nothing when it should show my ACL nice and strong. I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to be able to walk without that and here I am trotting around (ok let's be honest, I gimp around favoring the right knee a lot). I'm a walking miracle with "something still going on under that knee cap". I know he was being funny and nice when the doc replied, "you know different people just react differently to injuries." I think the translation is "what's with your psycho knee 'long toes'?"

Therapy (physical therapy people, come on) 3x a week for a month and he'll decide what to do then. What a weird case I am. You know I would like my knee fixed, but every time I go I'm on the verge of having a panic attack. I'd rather give birth than let him "examine" my knee and the thought of surgery... I almost fainted twice! Am I just the biggest wimp?


Can I get some frys with that shake? said...

wow thats weird..

kevin and crystal said...

You are so crazy! I can't believe you have been walking around like that! Good luck getting it better!

The Pollock Family said...

Oh my gosh!! I can't believe you can walk!! Walk around Disneyland for a whole day, too. You amaze me as always.

Big Momma said...

That sucks the big one. That would be stinky if you had to have surgery, but also stinks if you don't and physical therapy doesn't do anything.

We are glad that S's ACL wasn't torn when he messed it up at the end part of November... And we now know a good pediatric orthopedic!

Georgia said...

dude that sucks! I blew out my ACL and had to have a complete surgical reconstruction where they harvested one of my hamstring tendons and not to be a negative nelly but it SUCKED!!!! It was THE most painful thing I have ever been through including giving birth with NO drugs.
Granted you cant take my experience as the norm b/c I had complications after that happens in like .00000001% of all surgeries
ie. maybe only me, my surgeon of 25years had never seen what happened in my knee after surgery before.
BUT after all was said and done and I healed my walking and running around life was so much better than with the torn ACL so in the long run it was worth it. I fell down a lot b/c of it and felt really dumb each I just have no excuse for when I trip and face plant hahaha
anyhoo hope your leg feels better soon with which ever treatment you go with.

Kiley said...

That's crazy! Good Luck with PT! Give me a call if you need a sitter.