Sunday, February 01, 2009


The birthday party. It began the night before when the Garcia girls agreed to bake the cup cakes. You see, when asked what kind of birthday cake she wanted Kennedy replied, "I want Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, Frosty the snowman, Bambi, Dumbo and Mickey cake." Ummm, okay. So I asked my sister Rebecca (click here) what she would do and she told me to print out all the characters, put them on toothpicks and stick them in cup cakes... genius! Except, I didn't realize you could control the size so I've got some 8" Cinderella's and 6" Dumbo's. The kids loved them! (If you click on the picture below it blows up so you can see our plate of goodies better.)

MacKenzie helped be the taste tester.

We had a bunch of little kids, mostly boys, running around. They had a blast. The festivities began inside with the doll house. I couldn't believe how much fun all the little boys had playing with dolls:)

And then we moved outside to the playhouse and dirt. There was absolutely nothing more entertaining at the party than the dirt aside from...

... that big pile of dirt!

Outside of my kids there were about 15 little boys and 4 little girls. Good thing we're not at the slumber party age:) Anyway it was fun! And for next time I think we've learned that presents... didn't even care about the presents until everyone left. Maybe we'll just have a present-less party in the dirt next time:)


Older and Wisor said...

Man- you should've told me there would be that many boys....I'd have said to hit the dollar store for some bucket/shovel combos and voila! Successful party. The cupcakes turned out cute though. Large, but definitely cute...and exactly what Special K wanted.

kelly said...

What a cute idea. It sounds really random but when you see them all together on the plate it looks great, Disney themed, what more could you want?

3girlsmom said...

how fun!!! who needs presents when you have a big ole pile of dirt? hope she had a great party! mine are outside right now wearing who knows what and playing in the dirt and the rain! maybe i should throw some shampoo and soap out there for them and they can skip the tub tonight?