Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I think it's scan all your pictures week

However these are less embarrassing. This is my sister Khristie (you can see her blog right HERE) and myself. She's Wonder Woman and I'm Diaper girl.

So I watch "Bones" and the other Halloween, can't remember which one, Bones dresses up like Wonder Woman in the VERY realistic costume and I thought of my sister's old bathing suit. Don't you love it?

And this craft table. I remember doing all kinds of things here; puzzels, water color things, eating cream of mushroom soup, painting piggy banks.
I think I ended up breaking this piggy bank.


Older and Wisor said...

Okay, I'm lame because that table doesn't look familiar to me at all. Maybe I was banned from all things crafty. No wonder I need therapy.

Rhonda said...

Now you have got me going through old pictures! Anyway I have had this scanner for a couple of years and am just now using it...Thanks it has been fun looking at old pics!

Millers! said...

That picture of you in the first one, looks just like Kennedy, and Khristie looks just the same, just smaller! So fun!

Bob & Khristie said...

Where did you get all these old pics? You too Rebecca? How did I miss out?

I'll have to post my Superman pic to go with the Wonder Woman! I LOVED those swimsuits!!!

You're right - it was cream of mushroom soup. But you didn't break that piggy bank. It was the one before that you broke, that's how I got the one in the picture. I still have it up on the plant shelf. I'll post that too.

Denise and Brandon said...

My sister had the exact same wonder woman swimsuit. I probably have a similar picture somewhere of me standing by her in my diaper.