Thursday, February 25, 2010

YW self defense

What would you do? Really. This hasn't happened to me, but if it did... I can snatch that thing right outta his hands.

Last year was our first time introducing self defense to the Young Women. This year we did it again and my hook ups running the show were EVEN. BETTER! I'm telling you I wish I video taped some of these. I mean you've got to see me deflect a knife and then stab my attacker as I run away. It's SO easy and it looks like I'm right off the set of 24.

This is not the way you're supposed to do the knife thing, but the girls had so much fun attacking each other;)

We even invited the Relief Society. Here's our fearless RS President beatin' up the boxing guys pad.

We will definitely be doing this again next year. I said that last year too, but this year with the guns and knives... that was AWESOME! How often do other YW leaders get to pretend to shoot and stab their girls? Now that I put it that way maybe we should go biannually on this class:)

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Kiley said...

I'm sad I missed it.