Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Voila, here she is

Justin's been looking for another car. We even toyed with the idea of buying a new one, but we just can bring ourselves to go into debt over a want. So he found this.

1985 and it's a diesel. Not just any diesel, one that can switch over (while driving?) to run on vegetable oil.

Okay one more before on the hutch. I just enjoy the difference.

Here's my final outcome. You just have to see it in person to truly enjoy the colors. I LOVE it!!!

And I must give credit to Katelyn for running to Lowes to get purple paint and knobs for me. I gave her my debit card and all my confidence that she'd pull through with a great shade of eggplant and some fantastic hardware... she did not disappoint! Thanks Katelyn. Thanks craigslist.


Millers! said...

SO AWESOME!!!!! I just need to start working on my table... I am so lazy!!!! Love the eggplant its awesome!

The Whispering Creek House said...

had a great time flittin' around here! you have a great sense of humor!love the header! Stephanie

Jenna said...

So i pulled up your blog and love the new picture!!! it made me laugh!!!

Queen B. said...

** P e r f e c t !! **

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Love your header . . that's just too much!

Mel said...

Any shade of purple is my favourite; this makeover is to die for. I don't have the courage to actually decorate with purple, but you have pulled it off magnificently!