Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Birthday

Last year my birthday STUNK!!! January 4th is preceeded by:
1. Halloween
2. Thanksgiving
3. Christmas
4. New Year's
Who wants to have ANOTHER party after taking down Christmas decorations and sleeping in from New Year's Eve? I simply decided to change the date of my birthday to July 4th. I mean what's not to be happy about with swimming, BBQ's and fireworks? Then when it was about to be July 4th I didn't factor in MacKenzie, MIL and G-MIL all have b-days the week before. Bad planning again. So what do you do... threaten your sweet husband to make your birthday absolutely amazing or else! Ok maybe there really wasn't so many threats as there were LARGE announcements that my birthday was "going" to be the most fantastic birthday ever!

It totally worked! I had an AMAZING birthday even on fast Sunday? How much was optimism bunched up for the whole year and how much was it just being a great day? I don't know but it was awesome. (Here's my plug of thank you's to Liz, Mariann, Ellen and Milette who all gave me things I loved!) Justin then carried it on through the next few days by taking me to Red Robin's for dinner and getting me a season pass for Disneyland!

So we went to get our passes yesterday (we get the So-Cal-cheap-skate, comes-with-no-parking-pass ones) only to find out you can add parking for a small fee. And, "bring your parking voucher back and we'll refund it for you" along with that! The lady in the ticket booth was fantastic. She even gave me a birthday button when she realized I was celebrating my birthday. This alone got me a bag of fresh tortillas in California Adventures.

We didn't tell the kids where we were going besides that we were going to "look for Tinker Bell" the entire way there. So there's Kennedy looking out the car window up at the sky saying, "but I don't see the second star to the right". The girls were so excited when we pulled up to Disneyland.

MacKenzie made sure to show everyone she met her special Tinker Bell panties, ha! Within minutes everyone knew her name and what her underwear looked like:)

Katelyn and Scott (ask me about how I'm already planning their wedding even though they're "just dating") went with us and Kami & Jared met us at the park. The 11 of us stayed until 7pm and had such fun. I'm ready to ditch the kids at home and go on a date with my husband, if only I could convince some worthy babysitters to skip out on high school for a day...hmmm.

Anyway Happy Birthday to me! What a great day and now I'll have to come up with something even greater for my husband. His celebration is in 4 weeks and I need some fun ideas. He has to work on his birthday so should I take a "gun" birthday cake to the office? What cha think?


Older and Wisor said...

Only if you jump out of it swingin' some handcuffs haha Seriously, could you get a better birthday gift than that?? I think not. And I'm glad that you specified that Ketelyn was with the first pic I was thinking "Did Liz cut her bangs back?"

Claude and Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday !!! You deserve it. Try kidnapping your husband with handcuffs and taking him somewhere really special! He will love it especially because he is with you and you light up any place you are!

Amber, Dan, and Fam said...

Happy Birthday Liz! I am glad your bday this year was un-stinky. :D

Millers! said...

Happy Birthday! Next year we might have to celebrate together, get a babysitter for 6 kids, and we can go out! OR.. you can still have Justin send you over my way... if he hurries you will be on time for my b-day! Love ya!

pianomom said...

Happy Birthday (a little late)! Have fun at Disney this year. I'm a little sad that our passes expire in 11 days. I'm trying to fit in one last trip. I'm so glad you had a great birthday.

The Pollock Family said...

Can't wait to go again. Maybe we can all ditch the kids and go!!

The Earl Family said...

I think the gun cake is WAYYY better than bringing the gun! At least with the cake nobody will freak out on you!

{Rosalie Cullen} said...

Maybe you should "forget" his birthday and not mention it {get your friends to go along in the joke} and then surprise him whenever he gets home or whatever.

I don't know I'm still thinking about what I should do for MY birthday, Liz.

This is Sierra so you know.
Which you probably do because

[that's me]

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that you would want to have someone "ditch" school and babysit.... wasn't that how you originally "HURT" your knee? Be careful on "school days" that's all I'm saying... from experience! Looks like you really had a fun birthday! Glad everyone had fun.