Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcomed Visitor

Auntie Heidi came to visit! Holy cow she brought her 2 dogs and between her and the "puppies" the kids were in heaven! She needs to move next door. While here for the weekend she made monster cookies and amazing fudge. We also went to Tai Pan (every girls needs to go there), Ontario Mills Outlets, Olive Garden and to the park here in town. Good times!

Here's MacKenzie cleaning the fudge bowl. Each time I have "a piece" 12 make it into my mouth. Let me tell you it's GOOD! Thanks Heidi for the 25 extra pounds... I really needed that. To see more of Heidi and Jordan click here.


K&MSilva said...

Look at those 3 gorgeous girls, how cute! So Tai Pan? Never heard of it...Maybe I should do some research.

Rachel said...

Seriously, Liz, your kids are GORGEOUS!

Urmston Mom said...

Okay, so let me see, only 11 more months until Chistmas means we need to share that fudge recipe.