Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3 am

This morning we had a visitor from the Sheriff's dept... @ 3 AM!!! The deputy was knocking and ringing the doorbell trying to wake us up. Before I understood what was going on Justin was at the door talking to the deputy saying, "no our house is not on fire."

What?! Let me set it up first. I put the bird outside a few weeks ago, but because it gets cold at night we turn a heat lamp on for him. The bulb is red so when it's on obviously there's a red glow. Secondly we have a wood burning stove and we use that as our heat source. Naturally when you have a fire in the stove the smoke comes out of the chimney, that's kind of the point.

Early this morning a concerned citizen drove down the street and could see a red glow in our back yard accompanied by smoke. They called 911 and thus the Sheriff's dept at our door. What a morning. Thanks to whoever called because you never know, we could've had a fire in the house and not known... although I've done my fair share of smokin out the house trying to build a fire and it is pretty hard to breath. I think we might know if there actually was a fire in here.


My So Called Life! said...

O my goodness! Wow that would suck being woke up to the fire department. Well, like you said at least there were people out there looking out for their neighbors in case of an emergency.

Older and Wisor said... photo. Not if it were real, but still.

And I can't tell you how many times I've freaked put thinking the house was on fire. For this household a little more likely though (I won't mention any names)

Underwood's in Cali said...

that's funny. At least they were trying to help, right?

Rachel said...

Wow, I'm glad there really wasn't a fire! But you are right; at least the neighbor cared enough to call!!!

Claude and Rhonda said...

Wow, lucky for you guys, but you never know...Thank you to that concerned neighbor though!

kanabanana said...

Nice wake up call! Cool pic, glad it isn't your house though! Funny we just bought a fire proof safe today, for our important stuff.