Saturday, December 27, 2008

A lot 'a Love

This is just a small representation of what was happening at our house "on" Christmas. For those who don't already know, we celebrate holidays when we feel like it. Justin worked the 24 AND 25 so Christmas day came 2 days early this year and I wasn't sad about that at all. It was awesome, however next year I should shoot for late festivities... I can shop the 50% off sales. Hmmmm. Anyway, 2 of Justin's brothers came with their families to share calzone's for dinner, Kung Fu Panda for the movie and all the running and screaming they could handle for entertainment.

Aren't these just the cutest little group of kids you ever saw? Look up @ Ian's face. Far left, red shirt.

And here are the moms followed by some horse play.

We're just busting at the seems with love lately. Maybe it's the "Christmas spirit" everyone feels as they enter our home... it just makes you want to smooch someone.

Or give them the tongue! Uncle Jacob has had this one coming for a LONG time.

If he could talk, he might say something insightful, for now we'll have to decipher our own conclusions as to what's going on in that little mind of Grayson's.


Older and Wisor said...

He's saying, "Where's my hair bow? What about me? It's all about those silly girls..."

Millers! said...

Those are great pictures... looks like a lot of fun! maybe next year I will be there... hmmm thanksgiving or Christmas, which one should it be????

Sierra said...

it seems as though EVERYONE has gotten Kung Foo Panda for Christmas.....

Underwood's in Cali said...

that picture reminds me of aj at kennedy's bday. You should totally celebrate christmas late and take advantage of the sales. The kids are small and won't know the difference :)

Bob & Khristie said...

"We are a happy family!" Love the cousins pic.

Looks like Uncle Ben taught your daughter how to give doggie kisses. Remember those?