Sunday, December 07, 2008

Why isn't it flushing?

You may not want to look any further if you're eating. This pic is pretty yucky, but such a great resemblance of what happened in nursery today. Just so you know I warned you.

Our church building has its own toddler sized toilet just off the nursery room. I was visiting when Kennedy decided she needed to poop. I was given strict orders to "stand outside the door and don't look at me. I'll tell you when I'm done!" Upon the next command I went in to help wipe. Just as the toilet was "flushing", I looked down to see this (see image below).

That's right... she clogged it! Clogged it AND it overflowed. Where's Roger's poop knife when you need it! Apparently when installing toddler sized toilets, they didn't factor in the size of my 3 year old daughter's poop.

During all this where is Justin? Peacefully enjoying Elders quorum while his wife is mopping up the bathroom floor. Yuck! (Word to the wise: Don't go in the Amethyst building nursery bathroom with your shoes off. I couldn't find any bleach:)


Kiley said...

Too funny! Thanks for the warning!

Older and Wisor said... it time for snacks??? And sorry - we still need that poop knife. I'm happy to report that our upstairs toilet has been fixed after it kept cloggin up. We had to take the whole thing out to find the culprit: a spongebob toothbrush.

The Ortuno Family said...

Thanks for sharing, and I thought my day was crappy!

kanabanana said...

LOL!! No one ever believes how much and how big our oldest poops until they see it. I swear it is huge and he has clogged many toilets. Just chalk it up that she is healthy!! Your kids are adorable by the way!

What is a poop knife?

Tad and Jennifer said...

I can soo relate. Kids are the best!!!

3girlsmom said...

holy crap!!!!! that happened here at the house with gracie once! YUCK! i feel for you! now she won't "go" in that toilet because she thinks it will clog up.

My So Called Life! said...

Wow that picture was really gross..