Tuesday, December 09, 2008

This is LA

We took a little family trip to the LA Zoo and saw tons of animals. Some had fur, others had feathers, but the most entertaining animals were the ones that followed us home in the car seats. Kami (and Jared) moved back from Utah just in time to join in on the fun. Jared will have to "call in sick" next time so he can more fully enjoy the stroller pushing. After a full day, and I'm not kidding that zoo is HUGE, Kami went home with her 2 kids and we went on to the LA temple.

We had originally intended to go to Temple Square this weekend, but decided LA was a lot closer. Maybe next year. Justin has helped take down the Christmas lights in LA as a youth, but never went to see the festivities in all their glory. It was beautiful and way less crowded than the square. As I was trying to take the family pic in front of the temple the girls went rolling down the front lawn. Come on... anyone that's seen the LA temple has had the same thought, "hmmm, do you think the Lord would mind if I just rolled down there for a few minutes? I'll be quiet." Totally not reverent, but I think the Lord understood:)


Older and Wisor said...

Hey, they say to become as little children...why would the Lord build his house on such an inviting hill and then not want the kids to roll down. Same with refelcting pools, right?
I'm glad you specified that the boy was Ian. I was like "No WAY is Grayson that big already!" He could be one of yours. I'm glad to see that you got a sneak peak of the wonderful world of boys: boogers and wanting to climb on things with motors.

K&MSilva said...

Wow, those lights at the Temple are beautiful! Love the pics at the zoo, kinda puts Fresno's zoo to shame.