Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Duck Hunt

Well there's a reason they have "duck hunt" on Nintendo and not "chucker hunt". This was "the best hunting ever! SO much fun!!!" Now we all know. If we want to go bird hunting pass on the chucker.

Are these pics too graphic? Not so bad as that fox?

This is Justin and his ranger buddy and what they shot together. His buddy's from Wisconsin (totally has the accent too, but currently lives here in the high desert) and a major duck hunter so Justin was excited to go with a "pro". The duck with pretty green head his buddy took home to get stuffed and we got to keep the other 4.

MacKenzie and Grayson loved watching their dad pluck the feathers out of 2. If you want the details you'll have to call Justin and ask him about the dead duck that wouldn't give up the ghost;)

We ate some last night, delicious! I'm not kidding.

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THE ALLENS said...

tell justin, Im not a fan of the whole hunting thing!!!