Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I got a new calling!

The church must be true because after 2 years of service I am no longer the Young Women's President! I am so relieved. I went into this calling thinking, "oh what's the big deal?" The big deal is when you have no advisors, teachers, secretary, camp director... and thus fill in all those positions with one person. Myself. I had counselors who I love, but was never sure where they were on Sunday. Hmm.

I will miss seeing the girls every week, I love the Young Women! I won't miss the anxiety of all the things I wish I could do to make YW better, but just couldn't do it alone.

What's funny about this calling, as a teenager I didn't go to Wednesday nigth activities all the time because I didn't see the importance. As a leader... I feel the SAME WAY! Really? Every week? I could do without that. One of the many reasons to kick me out;) Although when I talked to the girls on Sunday I told them I was released because one too many parents sat the bishop down and complained about me. The girls took a collective sigh and looked around at each other wondering who's mom it was, HA!!!
I was kidding, but they believed me for a minute;)
Such innocence.

Anyway my new calling, and captive audience to corrupt, Primary Chorister! I am SO excited!
Sunday only calling... YES! My favorite.


The Pollock Family said...

It's like we switched callings!! :)

Bob & Khristie said...
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Bob & Khristie said...

And easy to find a sub for.

They would have put you behind the piano but your belly is probably too big! heehee =)

Angie said...

YES!!!! I was excited when I read the title to this one, not as excited as you I'm sure...but excited none the less;)

The Earl Family said...

When I saw, "new calling" I was so excited for you! Yea! I know that has been a lot of work for you. Chorister was pretty easy, make a poster or two, play a game while you sing a song, not a bad calling! I'm on the RS enrichment board, got called in Nov and they have not had one mtg! So I'm basically calling-free, just showing up on Sunday!

3girlsmom said...

yay for you! that is a tough calling when you have all the support staff you need, can't imagine what it was like without! i too am not one of those "i need to be at EVERY wed night activity person." my mom is and so is sarah!! gah! it must have skipped a generation. and hey, don't want to discourage the girl when she actually WANTS to go. have fun with that calling. i did that for a small time while we were in transition in miami. we had a veeeerrrrrrry small primary. and i suck at leading music, so i was just a warm body. but hey! we tried to have fun anyway.

H+B Jackson said...

LOVE Primary Chorister! We get to be the irreverent ones!

......to meeksfamilyfun!! said...

Congrats on the new baby. We are excited for your family. Sorry, I didn't know you were expecting. I hadn't checked your page in a while you always have so many good things to see and read about. Love your family!!