Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Birthday Party!

The birthday girl! She was so excited to invite her friends over to share her big celebration.

As Justin was cleaning up the back yard I thought maybe we should fold up the trampoline...

Pinata, a must have for our kids. Justin does such a great job making sure everyone has a turn (and that no one gets smacked in the face with the bat).

Kennedy's big kid friends.

She loved every minute of her party including the strawberry soda;) This prize is from her kindergarten teacher. So sweet of her to come on her day off!

After everyone left, MacKenzie found some leftover party favors. "They're ALL mine!"

Thanks to all her friends for coming!

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Millers! said...

I know this post is about Kennedy, but seriously I LOVE this last pic of Mackenzie!
miss you guys!