Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy early Birthday Kennedy and Justin

She got herself a puppy! WITH spots!
Is it a coincidence that it also happens to be a hunting dog?
German Shorthaired Pointer
Name: Tick

She was up at 6:30AM this morning putting on her boots and sweater to go play with her puppy. So was Justin. Normally... they both sleep until the last minute possible.
Maybe I should've gave in and got her a puppy last year;)
And look at Kennedy's face, it looks kind of like this:

The girl is obsessed with deer and puppies!


rebecca @ older and wisor said...


He looks a lot like Bella that we had in Utah that wanted to hunt everything. So I guess that means he's perfect. Good luck.

Jenna said...

So cute!!! Ben was telling me the present idea and i thought is was just the best idea! Hopefully we will see you early February!

3girlsmom said...

hey! what number dog is this one? if it gets out are you just gonna let it go??? ;) ship her out our way; she'll get her fill with 5 dogs!!!

Bob & Khristie said...

But I must warn you, we did the same thing with Zeus that Kennedy is doing now (how can she resist!) & he STILL thinks he's a little puppy that needs to sit in your lap 24/7. GSP's are such sweet dogs.

It looks like Tick is gonna be a mini-horse, too-- his legs & paws are HUGE! Happy early birthday, Kennedy!

Oh, and thanks, BTW. Bob won't shut up about "needing" to get a new puppy too. Tell Justin to stop talking to him about dogs. =)