Thursday, September 25, 2008

Check it out

The rules are to grab your camera and take pictures of the following with NO CLEANING UP!

Well now that I've got my very large sink, I can put my piles of dishes inside! I made myself do this before getting on the computer and am very glad I did:)

Who forgot to put the lid down?! Honestly I don't even use this very much as it's near Justin who's sleeping (except for right now). You like the carpet half ripped out... don't worry it also smells like pee, or is that a little TMI? Oh well.

I tried putting this chandelier up in the kitchen area and something's goin on. I think the whole electrical box thing needs replacing which is probably not a bad idea since it's pretty loose. I was afraid the fixture might fall from the heavens the way it was hanging. So now it's on the dryer which is one step short of the garage.

There it is. 5 dozen eggs and 3 gallons of milk!

SLeeping! Halleluiah!

Sleep little children... until 10AM tomorrow would be great!

Was there even a question? I wear these everywhere, but church.

7. Favorite Room
Well this is not fair... I would like to sleep my days away or read, but I usually end up here watching Care Bears, Sponge Bob or the latest movie recorded from Toon Disney (for the 100th time) with Kennedy. She wants to watch TV with me and I get side tracked by holding Grayson or getting 5,000 cups of beverage. All the while trying to be a little quite, not that Justin hears a thing, but he's 6pm-6am working and sleeping all day.

Well here's "a" vacation. But notice the picture of us:) We need more pics together.

9. THE CLOSET... yikes!

This is a little bit cleaned up from last week.

But come on, who needs a shoe rack when you can just dump the shoes on the ground in a nice pile like formation?

And can you tell who's been preggo for the last 3.5 years? The evidence is here! No clothes on my side:) Ok that and I can't stand shopping when the clothes aren't on the outside of the racks screaming my name. This is actually an improvement thanks to Kathy shopping with me this past weekend. We found some CUTE stuff at Stein Mart.

Check out my new clock in the shadows in the background... LOVE it! Ebay:)

Here's a few free bee's for the home. Thanks again Liz! I didn't even have to paint them! The shutters are on the wall, clippies are still at staples, but I'm on that... later.

Thank you, thank you Dad and Pennie! I got this for free and am SO excited! Justin and I cannot agree on sectionals, so instead of buying one I hate I'm taking the free offer. Love it!

Shoot I forgot to tag someone... Lesa, Kami, Laura, Jennifer

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Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

Are you kidding me????! HOW PERFECT DO THOSE SHUTTERS FIT THERE????? I can't even believe it!

Roger would FREAK if my shoes looked like that. Let me rephrase that: when my shoes DO look like that (by the end of the week) I always find that he has straightened them out :) But we have built in little shoe "racks" on the floor in all the closets, so he can't take all the credit