Thursday, September 04, 2008

4 Things

4 Random Things I Like About My Husband:

1. He's calm in the face of everything that would make me anxious.
2. Amazingly handy around the house (ie: my beautiful new hallway of laminate flooring)
3. LOVES, LOVES, LOVES his job! What a difference when he enjoys going to work!
4. He sleeps like a rock even when he's worked ALL night long. Amazing.

4 Movies I Can Watch More Than Once:

Let me first say, I don't watch many movies more than once these days, but for the list I've got-
The Guardian
Eragon (now that I've read the book...who has my copy of though? Laura do you guys have it?)
PS I Love You. Only seen it once, but want to see it again.
Secondhand Lions

4 TV Shows That I Watch:

1. The Office
2. Divine design
3. Chuck (when it's on)
4. American Idol (when it's on... hello!)

4 Places I've Been:

1. Palmyra, NY
2. Zhuatenejo, Mexico
3. London, England
4. Belieze
(Guatemala, Ireland... we need to start traveling again!)

4 People Who Email Me Regularly:

1. Blog comments
2. Jacob
3. Kendra
4. Dawn

4 Favorite Foods:

1. Calzones!
2. Olive Garden sausage white soup (breadsticks & salad too of course)
3. Red Robin's hamburgers and fries
4. Colima's bean & cheese burritos in Visalia!!!

4 Places I Would Like To Visit:

1. Carribean again (snorkeling of course)
2. Temple Square during Christmas light season
3. My house (all my siblings would conveniently travel to visit at the same time. Rebecca- you might get your plate back)
4. Thailand- or anywhere in that area of the world, though I could do without the bugs.

4 Things I'm Looking Forward To In The Next Year:

1. Disneyland in the winter (on a school day) The kids are gonna LOVE it!
2. Getting my knee fixed by a compitent surgen
3. Kids starting dance or gymnastic lessons
4. My kitchen being finished (need to paint cabinets AND rip out the counter tops and sink)

4 People I Tag:
Sister not Holdham

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CuriousGeorges said...

The white soup at Olive Garden is called Zuppa Toscana. We love it too! When I worked there Nicholas would always ask me to bring home the soup at the end of the night that they throw out when we close. It is very yummy! My sister-in-law makes a version with bacon...its good, but not the same.